On Board Power - Vehicle Mounted Compressed Air Systems

Incorporating an Original Ltd compressor mount kit, the Original VR70 delivers immediate, on-demand compressed air. With the vehicle engine at operating temperature, press the button, and within seconds the VR70 is ready to deliver up to 2.0m3/min, 70 cfm, 12 bar or 175 psi. Factory-set, built-in controls match the vehicle’s rpm to specific requirements to ensure smooth and economic operation, with reduced fuel consumption and noise level.

Original VR70 - Total integration with the vehicle

The Original VR70 is totally integrated within the vehicle space envelope, does not compromise the drive-train, chassis or payload area, with no ground clearance restrictions and minimal payload reduction.

No downtime
100% duty cycle for instant air-on-demand, no charging or receiver tank, to complete the job quickly
A safe solution
On completion compressed air is discharged to atmospheric pressure within 12 seconds
One lightweight oil / air separator with easily accessible filtration
Patented low profile modulating high flow inlet valve with air filter
Cast mounting brackets
Original compressor mount kit for easy installation
Full UK customer support and aftersales

Engineering & System installation

Each system is individually designed for the specific vehicle. It is engineered using manufacturer data with full stress analysis of the complete drive system and electronics to comply with all current regulations.

Underbonnet mounting – no change to vehicle profile or encroachment into cabin or load bay area. Located in the noise-suppressed engine compartment envelope it complies with all current EU legislation and is CE marked.

Original VR70 Specification

Compressor output
0.56-2m3 , 20 – 70 cfm
Operating voltage
Engine operating speed
1400-2500 rpm
Pressure output
7-12 bar, 100-175 psi
Power source
Vehicle drive belt
Engine mounted
System weight
73kg / 162.2lb
Electromagnetic clutch
Oil capacity
Oil separator
BSEN286 pt1
Oil carryover
System operating management
Electronic control system
Operating temperature
-48°C - +40°C
Health and safety
Remote start/stop facility
Over pressure and over temperature shut off, automatic travel dis-engagement and blow down

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