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Charge Pod

As the growth on electric vehicles becomes more and more throughout the world, the need for supporting these vehicles from breakdown companies becomes a more pressing issue.

Not only does the process on how to repair and recover electric vehicles become more challenging but the payload on breakdown vehicles becomes increasingly narrow.

Our Charge Pod system is extremely light weight, 39kgs, and efficient allowing breakdown patrol vehicles to be used as ‘emergency’ charge stations if an electric vehicles was to run out of charge.

What is it

Charge Pod is a mobile EV charging system mounted onto a breakdown assist vehicle. Charge Pod is light weight, efficient and doesn’t require the use of batteries. It charges on demand whenever charge is required and can charge for as long as required, 100% duty cycle, meaning you’ll never run out of electrical power omitting the need for costly loading trucks to transport EV vehicles to charge points.

Our Charge Pod communicates with the electric vehicles throughout the charging process and displays the information on an LED screen for the operator to see.

Charge Pod maximises workers efficiency by having the power on demand as and when it is required and by not carrying heavy, bulky batteries the payload and space on the vehicle is not affected.

How does it work

A specifically designed generator is mounted onto the vehicles engine using specifically designed cast iron mounting brackets and driven by an additional belt. By activating Charge Pod by pressing the start button the engine RPM increases slightly and the charge process is ready to begin.

Charge Pod complies with the Electric Vehicle Conductive International Standards providing the correct signals and wave formations for all electric vehicles to understand and charge from. With Charge Pod being able to communicate with the vehicle if any fault or problem was to be encountered, Charge Pod will disable the charge process automatically.

With built in safety features and charge hour readers Charge Pod can be used to capture its usage and re-charge electric vehicle owners if required. With two simple steps for operation the system can be used by any operative.

Why should they have it

The Charge Pod removes the need to have to move electric vehicles on loading trucks if they simply run out of power. This tremendously reduces the cost of supporting electric vehicles for breakdown providers and helps protect vehicle manufactures brands.

As the Charge Pod system is light weight and does not take up any room within side the vehicle, compared to other ‘mobile’ EV charging systems it fits seamlessly into current patrol vehicles.

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