Compressor Mount Kits

Original Ltd Compressor mount kits are widely acknowledged as the industry standard benchmark.There are in excess of 70,000 compressor mount kits currently in service for air conditioning, refrigeration and power generation applications, with exports to more than 20 countries to date

Original Ltd compressor mount kits are based around precision engineered castings - a technically superior process than fabricated alternatives which enables manufacturing consistency and repeatability and to meet the requirements of ISO belt drive standards.

Compressor Mount Kits are designed and engineered to vehicle manufacturer specifications and parameters. Original Ltd uses the same CAD systems and methodologies as vehicle manufacturers, resulting in close technical synergies and development co-operation.

Original Ltd compressor mount kits are durable. The castings are designed and built to be robust, with optimal strength and stiffness, delivering high levels of performance and a long service life.

The compressor mount kits are easy and quick to install – fit first time, every time with 100% alignment - no additional drilling, tapping, cutting or forming are required.


Air Conditioning

Original Ltd can specify and supply the most suitable compressor along with the specific compressor mount kit for vehicles requiring additional A/C e.g. minibuses and small coaches where passenger space requires cooling.

Power Generation

Original Ltd compressor mount kits can be supplied to take an additional alternator to provide electrical power from the engine. Being independent of the vehicle’s electrical system, the need for mobile generators is avoided -. a more reliable and convenient solution.


Original Ltd can specify and supply the most suitable compressor, along with the specific compressor mount kit, for vehicles requiring refrigeration e.g. home shopping delivery and catering vehicles.


  • Mount brackets - All bolts and fittings
  • Drive pulleys – if required
  • Idle pulleys – if required
  • Drive belt
  • Comprehensive, multi-lingual, step-by-step fitting instructions
  • Under-bonnet equipment label
  • Supplied in fully protected packaging

Original Ltd FEAD kits carry a 12 month warranty. All serviceable parts carry either a 12 month warranty or the specified service mileage - whichever comes first.


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